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Our story

We are Partners. (Art) Lovers. Friends. Translators. Animal lovers. And also the creative duo behind (the brand) Dorimu.

Ever since we started making Dorimu Waldorf dolls in 2009, our goal is to create products that will set themselves apart from the crowd. Through the years, Dorimu has transformed itself into a brand which demonstrates that stylish and minimalist decorative pieces can also possess heart and charm. After a decade of living in the city, we moved to a small Austrian village and found our connection to nature again. Since then we have been including nature in our creative process.

We create our art from scratch, with our own hands and put a great deal of time, effort and energy into all of our pieces, which, in the end, all have two things in common: simplicity and purity. We do not take shortcuts, and here is why: what we create will make your life even sweeter and introduce some magic into your home. And such little treasures deserve all our attention, affection and respect.

Our aim is to create beauty so whimsical and pure that you simply have to LET IT IN. Into your home. Into your life. Into your heart.

Živa Voga & Saša Rojak



Galerija Marjan Lovšin
Prešernova cesta 10a
SI-1000 Ljubljana


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