OOAK Dorimu Warrior 09 with a Dandelion Seed

Image of OOAK Dorimu Warrior 09 with a Dandelion Seed
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If you make a wish while blowing on a dandelion clock it will come true. We all know that, right? But would you also believe that dandelion clocks can make this world a better place? Tiny warriors for a better world sleep in the dandelion flower head until its yellow petals turn into a silvery white puff. Only a good wish can wake them. Right before a breath of air blows away the delicate seeds like tiny parachutes, the warriors´ pearly hats burst open! A wish messenger quickly grabs one of the seeds and thrusts it into the soil. And when a new dandelion flower grows from it, the good wish comes true...

The OOAK Dorimu Warrior is made of paperclay and has Swarovski crystals in his hat. He is approx. 4” (11 cm) small and the whole sculpture is approx. 15” (40 cm) high – depending on the position of the seed.

The dandelion seed is also made of paperclay and wire. There are at least 100 strings of wire in each seed and that is the reason it looks so natural and delicate. The sculpture is standing on a polycarbonate disc.

Each piece is sculpted, sanded and painted individually; no molds are used in the sculpting process. Each figure is absolutely unique, signed and numbered. The eyes are hand-painted and the whole sculpture is sealed with varnish.

Dorimu Warriors come in specially designed and safe boxes and include the story (see the last photo).

Dorimu Warriors for a better world are beautiful decorative objects with a great symbolic value. They are not toys and should be handled with care.

P.S.: Just in case you are wondering, why Dorimu warriors have pointy bums - their ancestors looked like winged insects but they never used their wings to fly (because they used dandelion seeds), so over time they became stunted. Well, the pointy bums remained and are their most defining characteristic – besides the pearly hat, of course...