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Image of DORIMU BUTTERFLY - flying


“He who hears butterflies laugh knows what clouds taste of.” /Novalis/

For me Butterflies are undoubtedly the most beautiful creatures. Besides looking amazing, these little creatures are associated with transformation, change, hope, positivity, and patience. Don´t they immediately lift your spirits when they fly by?

Dorimu Butterflies are made from European hornbeam. There are two versions: they can stand alone (like other Dorimu gnomes) or you can hang them.

The Dorimu Butterfles are about 5,5 cm (2.1”). They are hand-painted and sealed with varnish, but they still feel like wood (not like plastic). Please consider that Dorimu products are handmade and delicate. They are not toys and need to be handled with care.

You are purchasing the Dorimu Butterfly on the first photo.

Image of DORIMU BUTTERFLY - flying
Image of DORIMU BUTTERFLY - flying