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Image of Dorimu Baby Angel 08
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Dorimu Baby Angel 08

Meet the adorable DORIMU Baby Angels! Are you looking for perfect ornaments for your Christmas tree or a sweet decoration for your favourite shelf? Dorimu Baby Angels with a ♥️-warming detail on their chest will radiate the spirit of joy and love throughout the holiday season! Each figurine can be made as an ornament - please leave me a note with your order.

Dorimu Baby Angels are made from European hornbeam. Small detail on their chest gives them a special charm and an extra pinch of magic! They are about 5,5 cm (2.1”), hand-painted and sealed with varnish, but they still feel like wood (not like plastic).

Please consider that Dorimu products are handmade and delicate. They are not toys and need to be handled with care.

(If your favourite Dorimu Angel is sold out or you have special wishes, please don't hesitate to contact me.)

Image of Dorimu Baby Angel 08
Image of Dorimu Baby Angel 08